Supa-Trac X-Press

Supa-Trac X-Press is a lightweight pedestrian matting system designed for fast installation and removal. It's ideal for various event applications and excels in areas like artificial turf, soil, sand, gravel, and hard-standing surfaces. With its lightweight design and no-tool installation, it offers traction and durability.

Fast Installation

Install and remove this lightweight pedestrian matting system in record time, perfect for events.

Lightweight Design

Weighing just 3.3 pounds per panel, it's easy to handle and requires no tools for installation.

Versatile Applications

Suitable for artificial turf, soil, sand, gravel, and hard-standing surfaces, making it an ideal choice for various conditions.

Traction Safety

Designed for pedestrian safety with world-class top surface traction and edging ramps for accessibility.

Product Specifications

Technical Specifications

Panel Size (in): 39 (L) x 11.3 (W) x 1.1 (H)
Weight Per Panel (lbs): 3.3
Area Per Panel (sq ft/pc): 2.3
Shipping (sq ft): Trailer 53′: 27,600 / Flatbed 48′: 27,600
Static Compression Capacity (lbs/sq ft): 36,000*

*Solid sub-surface. Capacity varies depending on sub-surface.

Common questions about the Supa-Trac X-Press.

How quickly can I install Supa-Trac X-Press?

Supa-Trac X-Press is among the fastest mats to install and remove, making it perfect for time-sensitive events.

Is Supa-Trac X-Press suitable for all ground types?

Yes, Supa-Trac X-Press conforms to almost all ground types and conditions, providing flexibility.

What is the weight of a Supa-Trac X-Press panel?

Each panel of Supa-Trac X-Press is lightweight, weighing only 3.3 pounds, for easy handling.

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