Rola-Trac is a versatile, lightweight, and easy-to-install matting system. It is a go-to choice for turf protection, event and tent mats, military tent mats, field hospitals, walkways, patios, and more. Rola-Trac excels in fast installation, offering strength, stability, and a non-slip, non-reflective surface. It's perfect for both indoor and outdoor events, ensuring pedestrian safety while protecting turf.

Fast and Easy Installation

Extremely quick and simple installation without specialized tools or expertise.

Outstanding Turf Protection

Designed with aeration slots to protect turf while dispersing weight effectively.

Non-Slip Surface

Provides a stable, non-slip, non-reflective surface with molded-in rain channels and multi-directional tread.

Versatile Use

Ideal for events, tent mats, military applications, walkways, patios, and wheelchair access, both indoors and outdoors.

Product Specifications

Technical Specifications

Panel Size (in): 13 (L) x 6.5 (W) x 0.6 (H)
Weight Per Panel (lbs): 0.4
Area Per Panel (sq ft/pc): 0.59
Shipping (sq ft): Trailer 53′: 36,960
Static Compression Capacity (lbs/sq ft): 8,000*

*Solid sub-surface. Capacity varies depending on sub-surface.

Common questions about the Rola-Trac.

How fast and easy is the installation of Rola-Trac?

Rola-Trac can be laid in minutes over almost any surface, with no specialized tools or expertise required.

Does Rola-Trac protect turf effectively?

Yes, Rola-Trac features a unique design with aeration slots and weight dispersion to protect turf while minimizing damage.

Can Rola-Trac be used for both indoor and outdoor events?

Rola-Trac is versatile, suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, including events and walkways.

Is Rola-Trac safe for pedestrians and wheelchair users?

Rola-Trac provides a stable, non-slip, non-reflective surface, and edging ramps are available for wheelchair access and safety.

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