Supa-Trac is a lightweight yet durable turf protection mat, ideal for safeguarding natural or synthetic turf, tent flooring, and areas with heavy foot traffic and equipment. It offers rapid deployment, supporting forklifts, light trucks, and vehicular traffic while allowing air and water to reach the turf.

Turf Protection

Protects natural and synthetic turf while supporting heavy foot traffic and equipment.

Lightweigh Design

Lightweight, easy-to-transport panels simplify deployment and storage.

Versatile Deployment

Can be deployed in rolls or slabs with no special skills or tools required.

Supports Heavy Loads

Capable of supporting vehicles up to 3.5 tons per axle, making it suitable for various applications.

Product Specifications

Technical Specifications

Panel Size (in): 38 (L) x 11 (W) x 1.4 (H)
Weight Per Panel (lbs): 4.4
Area Per Panel (sq ft/pc): 2.26
Shipping (sq ft): Trailer 53′: 21,969 / Flatbed 48′: 21,969
Static Compression Capacity (lbs/sq ft): 36,000*

*Solid sub-surface. Capacity varies depending on sub-surface.

Common questions about the Supa-Trac.

Can Supa-Trac be used on both natural and synthetic turf?

Yes, Supa-Trac is suitable for both natural and synthetic turf surfaces.

What types of vehicles can Supa-Trac support?

Supa-Trac can support the weight of forklifts with pneumatic tires, light trucks, and vehicular traffic.

Is Supa-Trac easy to transport and store?

Supa-Trac panels are lightweight and easy to transport and store, offering convenience for various applications.

Do I need special skills to install Supa-Trac?

No, Supa-Trac can be easily deployed without special skills or tools, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

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